What is juicing?

By definition: extract the juice from (fruit or vegetables). I’m sure by now most of us have heard of juicing in some form or another.

Juicing is a process of stripping away the solid matter from fruits and vegetables, leaving behind a glass of liquid goodness. What remains is a juice that contains all of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

By juicing fruits and vegetables it is quick and easy for our body to digest and assimilate nutrients. Also, juicing helps detox our body because we are consuming a large amount of nutrients in a small volume. 

Equipment Needed For juicing

When it comes to juicing, you basically have 3 options: Cold-Pressed, Centrifugal, or Masticating.


This is the absolute best equipment to have. Cold-pressed juicing involves pressing to release the juice. In doing so you get more juice and more nutrients that are retained. No heat or chopping chopping is involved. The downside to this method is the equipment is expensive. 


Masticating is the next best option. This method grinds which squishes the juice from fruits and veggies. Due to the low speeds there is less heat than the Centrifugal juicers so you retain more juice and nutrients. This type of juicer may also be used to make nut milk, including almond milk. 


If you’ve looked at juicers at your local box stores, odds are it was a Centrifugal juicer. This juicer spins at high speeds which can cause some heat that leads to nutrient loss. It is suggested that you re-juice (run the fruits and veggies through twice) to have a better yield of juice and reduce waste. 

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